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These constructions are not intended to be seen as part of the all too easy and over used categories of “art of recycling” or “art of upcycling.” Each piece is conceived of as a physical poem or a small stage set, a three-dimensional painting or a piece of lyrical music. There is often a playful reference and dedication to other artists and to the art continuum. These “Boxes” (a nod to Joseph Cornell) attain to what all serious art needs to: the individual ordering of the world we live in –  the combination of our environment with our individual imaginations. The presentation, employing the various harmonies of color, space, texture and movement, with associations rich in humor, meanings, ambiguities, symbols and mysteries, strives to embody  those two most magical words: wonder and beauty. A multi-decade and ongoing focus of work, some 300 “Boxes” have been created to date.

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